Off to the field part 2: GREAT H2 develops concepts for considered companies

Based on the data collected during the on-site workshops (GREAT H2 in the field – Part l), the GREAT H2 team developed individual concepts for the participating companies. The drafts were presented to the companies during new project workshops. The contents of the concepts vary as they were created based on the existing data situation and the individual ideas of the companies.

Components of the advancement concepts for companies:

  1. Analysis of the energy profile and production processes
  2. Determination of available RE potentials
  3. Calculation of the resulting H2 generation potential or H2 demand potential
  4. Detailed observation of thermal production processes and existing framework conditions
  5. Concretization of possible applications and requirements for the use of green hydrogen
  6. Determination of initially required R&D questions for H2 application in the company under observation

The results and individual advancement options were fiercely discussed with the companies. Individual areas will be examined in more detail in the next steps: for example, the replacement of natural gas burners with H2 burners and the technological framework conditions required for this, or the optimum sizing of an electrolyser and economic considerations.

For the project team, the next step is to revise and expand the concepts in order to incorporate the newly gained knowledge and wishes and to come closer to the goal of preparing demonstration projects for the industrial use of green hydrogen.

Logistics scheme for the production and use of green hydrogen