Off to the field: GREAT H2 launches intensive exchange with companies

In order to investigate possibilities for the use of green hydrogen using concrete examples, the GREAT H2 Team is in contact with numerous companies. In addition to the industrial cluster at Hermsdorfer Kreuz, individual companies were also included in the analysis. The ceramics, glass and metal processing industries are all represented. Their typical high-temperature processes (e.g., sintering, melting, hot farming and firing) offer interesting application areas for green hydrogen.

Based on the evaluation of questionnaires regarding the energy profile and production processes, suitable companies were selected for detailed observation and on-site visits were scheduled. The GREAT H2 team traveled throughout Thuringia and held intensive project workshops with the companies. In addition to the presentation of the project and companies, exciting exchanges took place about the current supply situation, ambitions, wishes and ideas to follow the path of decarbonization.

Approaches for companies to achieve a climate-neutral energy supply were jointly discussed. Individual advancement plans and motivational reasons played an important role. The focus was particularly on the use of green hydrogen as an option for decarbonization. To better assess the possibilities for this, the team gained an insight into the production processes on-site. What is the significance of the furnace atmosphere for product quality? Does the heating take place directly or indirectly? These and other aspects are important decision parameters for process-specific use of hydrogen. Areas where there is still a need for research and development (R&D) and where technical feasibility must first be established and validated were also identified.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the interviewees for the guided tours through production halls and the intensive, constructive exchanges! We look forward to further cooperation and promising results in our analyses.

Are you interested in an individual inspection of your company? Then please feel free to contact us.

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