Guideline for the usage of renewable energies for production of green hydrogen

Which options are available for the production of green hydrogen and which framework conditions have to be considered? The guideline developed by ThEEN e.V. provides answers to these central questions. It serves industrial companies and operators of renewable energy plants as an orientation aid for understanding the current situation around the topic of hydrogen production and the associated potentials and hurdles. In addition, it supports the decision-making process by considering various scenarios as to whether or when and which form of utilization of RE plants for the production of hydrogen make sense.

For this purpose, the current and future situation of the energy supply in Thuringia will be discussed first. Then various aspects that are decisive for the economic viability of the production of green hydrogen will be examined. In addition, an overview of the current technology status for components of a hydrogen infrastructure will be given. Based on this information, scenarios are set up that can be seen as archetypes of a production of green hydrogen and its use in industrial processes in Thuringia. The scenarios demonstrate how the technical suitability and cost-efficiency adapt to changing framework conditions.

The guideline is the first milestone of the GREAT H2 project and will be updated regularly during the project period according to current developments. It will be published in German language.