Concept presentation for the transformation of the energy supply of the industrial cluster at Hermsdorfer Kreuz

Climate neutrality, security of supply and cost efficiency are the objectives of the TRIDELTA Campus at Hermsdorfer Kreuz. The GREAT H2 team has developed a comprehensive concept to achieve these goals. On March 17, 2023 at the Hermsdorf town hall, the results were presented to the 22 companies who are currently involved in the project, as well as local energy suppliers and representatives of the political/administrative bodies. Local potentials, in regard to both renewable energies (generation profiles) and energy infrastructure (load profile data), were analyzed and demonstrated. The integration of energy storage, energy load management and opportunities for sector coupling were also investigated in detail, and in particular, application potentials for green hydrogen were identified.

The main findings are that:

  1. Concrete local potentials for renewable energy exist and
  2. its development provides the greatest contribution to CO2 reduction,
  3. contributions through energy management and sector coupling are essential and
  4. represent a development process with additional investigations,
  5. the existing energy infrastructure offers good opportunities for further development,
  6. several industrial use cases for green hydrogen exist,
  7. however, further R&D on plant technology is required, and
  8. a cross-company approach has numerous advantages and expands the solution space for transformation.


The concrete next steps for realizing the advancement of the energy supply were recorded in a roadmap and a catalog of action items with prioritizations. The subsequent discussion showed the presence of the topic and the will of both companies and administration to tackle the topic of climate neutrality, always with regard to a cost-efficient energy supply.

The study was initiated by TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf e.V., whose mission is to strengthen and promote Hermsdorf as a high-tech location. The holistic, cross-company approach offers many synergies, be it the reduction of investment costs through economies of scale, the increase of energy efficiency through overlapping energy use and storage capabilities, or the joint acquisition of funding. In addition, there is the opportunity for the TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf to become a flagship project in Thuringia as an almost climate-neutral industrial cluster.

The GREAT H2 team would like to thank the TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf and all participants for the exciting discussion and the motivation to master the transformation process together, step-by-step, for a climate-neutral, secure and cost-efficient energy supply.

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